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Kilonova Capital was formed by principals with deep experience in special situations and technology investing. Those principals, and each member of our team, also has experience as a CEO of private-equity backed growth and technology companies.

We saw a need among investors to deploy capital in technology with a value approach. And at the same time, we saw a void of capital and exit opportunities for promising tech companies that did not conform to typical venture capital criteria. We formed Kilonova Capital to serve the needs of these stakeholders.


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Mark Watt

Mark has led over $180 billion of technology mergers, acquisitions, and investments. Prior to founding Kilonova Capital, Mark was President of a $1 billion technology holding company, where he oversaw operations of a portfolio of profitable, fast-growing technology companies. In addition, he executed numerous successful rescue financings and acquisitions of promising technology companies and assets. Mark was previously Head of Internet & Digital Media Investment Banking at William Blair and Merril Lynch, and a Managing Director at TriplePoint Capital. Mark serves on a number of private-equity backed technology company boards.



University of Aberdeen
Bachelor of Laws - LLB, Commercial Law & Space Law




Tamin Pechet

Tamin has helped launch multiple industry-leading companies in finance and technology. He serves as CEO of Upwell, which co-founded and invested in Kilonova Capital, Upwell Water, and Hawk Hill Group. He also founded and led Imagine H2O, the largest global water technology accelerator, and Banyan Water, a private-equity backed software and analytics business remotely operating water systems across the country. He was previously a principal investor at Goldman Sachs in the Special Situations Investing group, where he helped launch two wholly-owned subsidiaries of the firm. He serves on a number of private-equity backed technology company boards.



Havard Business School

Harvard University



Operating partners & Advisory board

Kilonova Capital’s operating partners include multiple CEOs of venture and private-equity backed tech companies, and investors at elite tech investing financial institutions.