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Special Situations


Value for tech companies and capital providers

Kilonova Capital invests in tech companies in need of special situations capital support, providing value to those tech companies, their existing lenders and financiers, and to Kilonova Capital investors seeking a value approach to Silicon Valley.



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Focus & Value

General tech

Kilonova’s leadership team members have served as CEOs of multiple private equity backed technology businesses, and as institutional private tech investors.


Kilonova’s leadership team includes some of the most active operators and investors in the fast-growing space industry. We are actively seeking additional opportunities in space.

special situations

An answer for tech companies, lenders, and investors seeking capital or exits in stressed, special situation, or structured financing scenarios that may not fit for traditional venture capital.

A kilonova occurs when two neutron stars collide, emitting gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals.




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